February 22, 2024  Meeting

David Anderson
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Thurs, March 7, 2024
Noon Club Meeting
  Library Room M-15
Nagham Alsamari
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Monday, March 11
Club Board Meeting
4:30 PM via Zoom 

Tuesday, Feb.  19, 2024
Foundation Trustees Meeting
5:00 PM via ZoomThurs, March 21, 2024
Noon Club Meeting
Library Room M-15
Dua Al-Zayadi
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February is Dearborn Rotary

Youth Month!!
Youth Month 2024 concluded with the students hosting the club meeting.
Rotarian Roger Miller is overheard saying: “This is always my favorite meeting of the year!”
Students amazed Rotarians with the amount and depth of their annual school projects and the maturity of their leadership.

Most notable was the spirit of collaboration within each school and between high schools in the District. There was no talk of “rivalry” between schools, but rather an understanding of the benefits of collaboration and working together to accomplish common goals.

These are the young adults who are poised to lead our community, our country and this world by replacing division with unity through collaboration.

Dearborn High School joined the School  District wide effort in the “Battle Against Hunger “by raising funds and collecting food.
Food was donated to Zaman International.
Students also worked individually with younger students who have disabilities.
 Dearborn High also has a very active Interact Club.
Interact students participated in the annual Goodfellows Paper Sale and sponsored a fund raiser on MLK Day to benefit the Palestine Children’s  Relief Fund. Interact also collaborated with other school clubs in various fundraising and community support events. 

An Engagement Club was established to welcome and help assimilate freshmen, particularly those students new to the United States and those with language barriers.


 Fordson High school has recently re-established its Interact Club and the group is quickly becoming a very important part of school activities.
Interact held a Cake Day Sale to benefit Mott’s Children’s Hospital and worked to co-ordinate blood drives in school.

Fordson students also exercised their political position by addressing the Dearborn School Board to advocate for passing a continuation of the school millage currently up for a vote by Dearborn residents.

Fordson students also collaborated with Edsel High School students to sponsor a Volleyball fundraiser in support of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

Edsel Ford High School students found strength in collaboration by getting multiple clubs involved in single events.
Clubs collaborated to sponsor a bake sale to benefit Zaman 
International.”Tape a Teacher to the Wall” was a fun-fundraiser that found wide spread participation.
Henry Ford Early College students were especially active this year. They raised money for Doctors Without Borders serving in Palestine,  sponsored a toy drive for Children’s Hospital in Detroit and led a food drive with distribution at local Mosques.
Students also visited local nursing home residents regularly to the delight of residents.

Dearborn Virtual didn’t let the fact that they lacked a physical campus stop them from actively  participation in school sponsored community events.  Dearborn Virtual students engaged by collaborating with school clubs throughout the district and sending students to participate in events sponsored by other high schools In the district.

Dearborn Virtual also sent students to volunteer at Salina  Elementary and Intermediate Schools.

Announcements and Reminders

from President David
Currently six of our 37 Club members have made an “Every Rotarian, Every Year” 2023-2024 donation to the Rotary International Foundation.  We have until June 30, 2024 to make these donations for the current Rotary Year.  We need an additional $1,400 to make our goal for the 2023-2024 Rotary Year.

To donate directly to the Rotary International Foundation use the following link: https://my.rotary.org/en/donate . Sign-in to your existing Rotary International “My Rotary” on-line account or create a “My Rotary” on-line account to receive donation credit for yourself and the Club..

President Nominee, Leslie Herrick  is chairing the Rotary International Foundation “Every Rotarian, Every Year” Club giving this year and  she can provide additional information if needed. .
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