Membership in Rotary is a life changing event. It provides for personal and professional development, the ability to help those who need help, and provide an opportunity for fellowship that develops into lasting relationships.

Rotary membership includes the opportunity to perform service projects both locally and Internationally, as well as work on fund raising projects to help raise the money to do the great projects that benefit the community. We also hold weekly meetings at Park Place that provide an opportunity for members to hear speakers on a variety of topics to enhance world understanding and peace.

Rotary is an international organization, and currently has over 1.2 Million members worldwide in over 200 countries. This network of business and professional leaders provides us with a unique network of people who are leaders in their communities with the knowledge of local issues and resources to address very real needs in their communities.

Wish to become a member? Please write us at [email protected].

Corporate Memberships are a great option for organizations that have employees who would like to join Rotary, but who are unable to commit to attending a meeting every week.  One Corporate Membership covers three individuals—the primary Active Member and two Associate Members.  Any of the three members can attend the weekly Rotary meetings and activities of the Club.  The primary Active member holds voting rights for all matters of Club business.

For newer members to the club, here is the Red Badge program that will help orient you to the club and Rotary.