Our Youth

The future of the world exists in the hands and minds of its youth. Dearborn Rotary has a tradition of trying to help the youth of Dearborn, as well as children around the world to improve the lives of those who will shape the future of our world. Through the Rotary Youth Exchange program and other Scholarship programs, students are able to travel abroad to learn not only the curriculum of the schools, but are able to become immersed in the culture, and fluent in the language of the country.

Interact is a high school club that is similar to a Rotary club, offering high school students the opportunity to work together to help others, as well as offering youth the opportunity to  learn leadership skills. Check with your high school about joining this great group of youth leaders.

Dearborn Rotary over the past 10 years has spent over $477,000 on youth scholarships, and over $31,000 on youth programs.

There are plenty of opportunities for youth in Dearborn to serve the community, as well as be served.


Eligibility for these scholarships is:

Students Graduating from High School  (Please note that financial need is NOT a criteria for selection of any of Dearborn Rotary’s high school scholarships.)

Dearborn Area Schools: Dearborn DHS, Edsel Ford EFHS, Fordson FHS, Collegiate Academy CA, Virtual VHS, Career Technical Education CTE, and Early College HFEC; Divine Child DC; Henry Ford Academy HFA; Advanced Technical Academy ATA.

  • Sisson Scholarship: Each School can select up to 5 qualified candidates for consideration except the Early College HFEC (2 candidates) and Virtual VHS (1 candidate). See your Counselor if you think you meet the “Award Criteria” listed in the Sisson Scholarship Description. After consultation with counselor, complete the application when available for the new year. For additional information – Harry A. Sisson Scholarship Info. To apply, go to Harry A. Sisson Application.
  • Hugh M. Archer Scholarship: A graduating student can pull down the application from the Dearborn Rotary website and submit. For more information, Hugh M. Archer Application Info. To apply, go to Hugh M. Archer Application.

Dearborn Public Schools

  • Past-Presidents Scholarships: A graduating student from Dearborn High School, Edsel Ford HS, Fordson HS, Early College, Collegiate Academy, or CTE programs who is planning to attend a Michigan University or College is eligible to pull down the application from the Dearborn Rotary website and submit. For more information, click Past Presidents Leadership Scholarship Info. To apply, go to Past Pres Leadership Scholarship App.
  • Otto Rowen Scholarships: A graduating student enrolled in either the CTE (Career Technical Education), ECP (Henry Ford Early College Program), or CTE Programs at the Henry Ford College CA (Collegiate Academy) program can use the CTE process to apply. For additional information – Click Here.

Students Who Previously Graduated from High School and Who are Now Attending One of the Following Colleges or Universities:

  • Hugh M. Archer Dearborn 19th District Court Veteran’s Scholarship: This scholarship is selected and managed by the 19th District Court.

Henry Ford College

  • HFC Nursing Scholarship: A student in the HFC Nursing Program can apply using the HFC web-based Scholarship System. For additional information – Click Here.

University of Michigan – Dearborn

  • Hugh M Archer Veterans Scholarship: A Veteran attending the University of Michigan – Dearborn can apply for this scholarship by emailing Mr. Thomas Pitock ([email protected]) at the Veterans’ Affairs Office. For additional information: Click here.

If you have been notified that you are a recipient of one of our high school scholarships, it is your responsibility to fill out the Scholarship Funds Request form below, in order to obtain the money. This form must be filed starting July 1 to obtain scholarship funds that will be paid to the school’s Financial Aid Office.

Scholarship Funds Request Form

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Awarded by Rotary Club of Dearborn
To apply for funds from your scholarship award, you MUST complete this form in full.

No scholarship funds will be processed until July 1 of the year in which you receive your award. Funds for your award will only be available until June 30 of the following year. Funds will be available for an additional year for Collegiate Academy students who receive the award in their senior year of High School. Any unclaimed scholarship monies will be returned to the Foundation’s respective scholarship fund.

All checks will be sent to the college or university you are attending, and will be made payable to you and the college. Otto J. Rowen Scholarship winners, see footnote at bottom of page for possible exception.
Scholarship Recipient's Full Name*
Home Address*
Name of Scholarship Awarded: Select the Appropriate Scholarship*
Address of College or University Financial Aid Office*
*Otto J. Rowen scholarship recipients who do not attend college and plan to use scholarship funds to purchase specialized equipment needed for related vocational programs, please describe below what the funds are to be used for along with the name to whom the check should be made payable. A copy of the detailed purchase receipt must be submitted for reimbursement of approved equipment purchases.
Max. file size: 96 MB.