February 15, 2024  Meeting

David Anderson
2023-24 President

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February is Youth Month
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February 1,
February 15
February 22

Centennial Library
Room 15M
Noon to 1PM
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Tuesday, Feb.  20, 2024
Foundation Trustees Meeting
5PM via Zoom
Jim and Carrie Thorpe introduce their daughter, Brenna, who is enjoying Brazil as a Youth Exchange Student. Brenna was one of our guest speakers at today’s meeting. You can see Brenna on the left side the TV screen and Carrie on the right while Carrie manages the electronic connections between Dearborn and Brazil.
For Youth Exchange Student, Brenna Thorpe, summer vacation is just coming to an end as she prepares for the 1st day of her senior year of high school in Brazil. She was fortunate to spend much of her Summer Break traveling in Brazil with her new friends and with other Rotary Exchange students. Two highlights of her travels were visiting Iguazu Falls and enjoying the parties of “Carnival” or Mardi Gras.

Dearborn Rotarians were also pleased and surprised at how fluent Brenna has become in Portuguese
Inbound Youth Exchange Student, Rai Sato from Japan is attending Dearborn High and is living with her second sponsor family.
Jim and Carrie Thorpe, along with surrogate younger brother Nick, welcomed Rai to America in September. Rai looks forward to traveling with other  Youth Exchange Students and new friends during her Summer Break. She plans on visiting the great American West including the Grand Canyon.
Rai expressed gratitude for the support she’s received from her host families and from fellow students at Dearborn High. She plans on teaching English as one of her career choices when she returns to Japan
 Rotarians and Youth Month Students asked Brenna and Rai many questions about their experiences as Rotary Youth Exchange Students. From: What’s your favorite food in your new country?
To: How easy was it to make new friends in a strange situation? Carrie and Jim Thorpe also encouraged the high school students present to consider becoming Rotary Youth Change Students themselves.
February is Dearborn Rotary

Youth Month!!
The Rotary Club of Dearborn has enjoyed  welcoming and meeting our schools’ youth who have learned  about Rotary and  participated in Club meetings during “Youth Month – March 2024” Join Dearborn Rotary and the Youth Month Students this Thursday, Feb. 22nd as we enjoy our favorite meeting of the year when the students host the meeting.What surprises are we in for? Don’t miss this meeting!!
Dearborn Rotarians Margaret Blohm, Martha Hnatiuk and others volunteered at the Boost Literacy program sponsored by our friends at Zaman International on Monday, February 19th. 

Literacy projects have always been a high priority for Dearborn Rotary so it was a special privilege to help at his event
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