Otto J. Rowen Scholarship

Picture of Otto J. Rowen

The Otto J. Rowen Scholarships are made possible by the Otto J. Rowen trust fund administered by the Dearborn Rotary Foundation. Mr. Rowen was a former Dearborn teacher, administrator at Woodworth School and Rotarian. For 2023/2024, there will be up to 15 scholarships awarded at $2,500 each. The students awarded are the best representatives of each vocational area, are interested in pursuing a career in their chosen vocation, have potential for future success in their field, and are recommended by their vocational instructors.

The Rotary Club of Dearborn through its Foundation states that the scholarship funds may be used for classes, tuition, books, school fees and specialized equipment needed for the related vocational program for each student. The unique aspect of this scholarship/grant is that the student who is not planning to attend college or pursue additional formalized training can use the money for equipment needed in his or her field. Only students from the Dearborn School System are eligible.

This scholarship is awarded through collaboration between the Dearborn Rotary Club and the Dearborn Public Schools Career and Technical Education (CTE), Collegiate Academy (CA), and Early College Program (ECP).  CTE, CA and ECP inform students of the scholarship availability.  Teachers will either select students to apply, or they’ll ask all to apply.  The students will complete the application, and the teachers and counselors will add their comments to the application.  The information is bundled and given to the award committee (3 Rotarians, 3 CTE Staff, and 1 ECP Staff) for selection of the winners.  Winners will be invited to an April/May Rotary Celebration Event to be awarded their scholarship.

The application process and deadline will be managed by the Dearborn Public Schools CTE Program.  Applications should be available about December 1 with a link posted here when the application is active.

If you have received notice that you have been awarded a scholarship, and are looking to receive the money, please complete the following form. Requests should be submitted after July 1st in the year you received the scholarship. Scholarship Fund Request