The future of the world exists in the hands and minds of its youth. Dearborn Rotary has a tradition of trying to help the youth of Dearborn, as well as children around the world to improve the lives of those who will shape the future of our world. Through the Rotary Youth Exchange program and other Scholarship programs, students are able to travel abroad to learn not only the curriculum of the schools, but are able to become immersed in the culture, and fluent in the language of the country.

Interact is a high school club that is similar to a Rotary club, offering high school students the opportunity to work together to help others, as well as offering youth the opportunity to  learn leadership skills. Check with your high school about joining this great group of youth leaders.

Dearborn Rotary over the past 10 years has spent over $189,000 on youth scholarships, and over $61,000 on youth programs.

There are plenty of opportunities for youth in Dearborn to serve the community, as well as be served.